Part Two: The Best Christian Polemicists on the Web

I recently wrote a little article about the Best Christian Polemicists on  the Web. I received many views for my first post and I appreciate all the comments and likes. It was all very encouraging.

I sense I may have left many Christian Polemicists out of the original post. So, with this post, I’ll be recommending others that many of you already know and, perhaps, some you haven’t heard. Let’s get started…

  1. The Polemics Report JD Hall has always been one who is not afraid to stir the pot. With the transition from the Pulpit & Pen program to the Polemics Report, JD has been solid with his rebuking and teaching to those who have been, shall we say…less Biblical in their teachings. His recent podcasts discusses about his concerns toward a Southern Baptist Church that has acted deceitfully in defending their deacon building an abortion clinic. It’s been rather telling where many Southern Baptist Churches are heading down as they are being pressured more and more to conform the the patterns of this world. hqdefault
  2. Wretched Todd Friel is perhaps one of the biggest influence in Christianity today. He’s been solid in proper Biblical teachings within all topics. With his quick wit and snark, he’s been bold in preaching the Gospel and teaching Christians how to communicate the Gospel throughout their lives. Fans of Todd’s ministry can choose either his daily TV show or his daily podcast show. The only issue with his podcast is that when you search for his podcast, you may first encounter his 15 minute segment of the show. Which only gives you a desire to listen to more. The best day to listen to the show is on “Witness Wednesday” where Todd will generally talk to college students and share the Gospel to them. A great teaching tool for all of us. todd
  3. Matt Slick Live You know you’re in trouble when you’re ask to put your right hand in front of your face by Matt Slick. His radio show “Matt Slick Live” is a daily radio show in Idaho but you can download the show through your podcast feeder. One hour long of Apologetics and Theology is enough to get your fill in polemics. But every now and then, you get a gem of a segment when an Atheist or Mormon calls in to debate Matt concerning whatever topic that is led. Matt has a unique way in painting his opposition into a corner. A great time to take notes or visit his website CARMmatt-slick
  4. The Dividing Line with Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries is top notch to learn from concerning everything from debates, Islam, Mormonism, and Catholicism. His weekly podcast and video on Youtube is like finding the missing 20 dollars in the clothes dryer. With topics ranging from defending Calvinism to open line phone calls to ask Dr. White tough questions, there is so much scholarly knowledge to learn during the hour long video. A great tip to do is listen to his debates. You can learn so much with those debates. jameswhite
  5. Ok, my next suggestion is my own plug. I’ll admit it. It’s something I’m trying to work on with a solid group of Reformed Believers. It’s called The Council of Google+. 16298473_10208041230763818_6133040869741212042_nWhere a group of various Reformers from social media gather to practice polemics and discernment. It developed after debating with Catholics and Eastern Orthodox, where the discussions where about as pointless as talking to a brick. No matter what was said, they always referred back to the early Councils or early Church Fathers and Church History. It got to the point that if that was the case, I’ll start my own Council. Hence, the Council of Google+. Our second show had Matt Slick on while we discussed various topics for over 5 hours. We have had special guests on such as Karis Faith 316. A Christian singer with a great Reformed background. It was a real treat to talk to her and share about her ministry. A great group of guys who love to discuss Theology. I hope you take time to enjoy the talk…

2 thoughts on “Part Two: The Best Christian Polemicists on the Web

    1. Brad, You are most welcome to join us on any Sunday night during the Bible Thumping Wingnut Aftershow. We have a Facebook Group page that you can request to join.


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