The Best Christian Polemicists on the Web.

1. Bible Thumping Wingnut Show



You can’t get much more real than these two guys.
Meet Tim and Len. Two laymen who are growing into a Apologetical Force of Reckoning. Their ministry is growing since they are tied with Striving for Eternity with Andrew Rappaport. They have a weekly podcast where various topics are discussed from Theology and Apologetics to Coloring Books and the problems of Theonomy.
On Sunday night they join forces with Matt Slick of CARM where Christians and Atheists come on and ask questions about the Faith and Matt lays the smack down with Atheists who try to refute Christianity through logic or science.
If you want to see a few guys destroy another one’s post modern worldview, watch and learn from these guys.

2. The Freed Thinkers Podcast


Let’s make an Apologetic Frap.
Take one course in Philosophy.
One in Logic.
A hefty dose of Theology.
A dash of Snark along with some tough topics to tackle, and you have Tyler Vela on the Freed Thinkers podcast.

Vela is not afraid to look at the movement known as The New Atheism and smash it with a Biblical Wrecking Ball.
He examines the Kalam Cosmological Argument and explains it with ease.
All the while, he dismantles Atheist thinkers such as David McAfee’s book “Disproving Christianity”.
He even defends Calvinism with a solid Biblical approach.
Don’t forget the topic of Biblical Slavery. He hits it out of the park.

3. Logical Belief Ministries


Jason Mullet is one Christian Apologist Atheists should flinch from.
With his background of the Anabaptist, he discusses the issues of their bad Theology with a friend as they dig deep into the ‘works-driven’ religion and flesh out the problems of the Amish cult.
One topic not to miss is the discussion with online known Atheist, Christopher Maute. The two discuss each of their positions as Jason slowly chips away Mautes’ worldview.
Add a dash of Calvinism and it’s 5 Solas to learn from, Jason does a supreme job defending the Gospel. The song at the end always brings me to humility.

4.Fighting for the Faith


With a Lutheran twist, Chris Rosebourgh is the king of Christian Discernment.  He exposes and mocks those Seeker Sensitive Churches of the likes of Joel Osteen, Jesse Duplantis, Patricia King, the wackiness of Open Mic Prophecy, and the hilarious musings of William Tapley prophecy updates.
With clever Monty Python like skits between segments, Chris deconstructs these false teachers with humor and strong rebuke with a Biblical Bat and smashes those with overreaching charismatic gifts.


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